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Am working on doing some mods to an older TMCC Mogul (B&M 1455) - bought it right.  Illinois Central had some that were close including the cylinders.  One went to the ET&WNC as their number 206.  So I am working on a 206.

Disassembly is quite the PITA with a non removable boiler front to access lights, but got that done - will also have to put it back later!!

It looks as if the cab is separate and there are two flathead screws in the back.  How does the cab come off?  The Lionel support page doesn't show or list it separate, but the screws??  I tried tapping lightly and no movement what so ever.  Anyone ever taken one off?

The support page shows the pilot as a separate piece, any clues as to getting this off as well.

It's a small engine model (not toy) locomotive which is nice, but it would have been nice if the "cost out" hadn't happened.  I know the later versions had major issues - nuff said.

Gray Lackey

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