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I know TMCC MUs(multiple units or sometimes called a lash-up) are a crap shoot. Basically, unless the motor gears and driver are the same, it’s tough to get a TMCC MU(not including ERR cruise upgrades). A known, notable exception would be A-B-A sets which were built to run together.

I have a:

2004 Lionel Dash 8 in Amtrak Phase 4 sku 6-28230 w/ TMCC & Odyssey

Lionel released two other Amtrak Dash 8s, with the same specs but in the “Pepsi can” scheme:

6-18290 in 2001/2002

6-28213 in 2002/2003  

So the question: has anyone ever tried running the Phase 4 with the phase 3? Whether you set it up via TMCC, DCS or Legacy- do these locos work together? Considering they’re likely very similar in terms of electronic components and the mechanics, I’d wager to guess this would work- but I like to place an informed wager😉 so any help here would be very much appreciated!

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