Lionel TMCC Santa Fe PA/PB - ABA Trio 6-14571 & 14587

When do you ever see me sell Santa Fe Warbonnets? lol I don't, until now. I have the Sunset 3rd PA's on order and don't feel like spending all the time to 3RS this set. Until yesterday, I haven't run them in years. They have a couple of hours run time on then total. They look like new and perform even better than new.

Cleaned the wheels, brand new traction tires (and they are a PITA to replace), fresh lube, Mike Reaganized smoke unit rebuilds with brand new rope wick. Really nice Mars light on these models.

Powered A Dummy A set with the Dummy B which is almost impossible to find. It took me forever to find this one after I got the AA set. Dummy A has smoke and lights, B unit is just a lights or smoke. Lionel claims 042 curves as these have a blind rear axle (no flange). I can't tell you for sure if they will make 042 because our smallest is 072.

Photos and video were taken yesterday 2/16/17. The powered unit runs best in Cab 1 mode with Momentum set on medium for a nice smooth slow pace.

Original orange boxes with manual. No shippers.

$900 SHIPPED via PayPal or Credit Cards - $850 SHIPPED via CHECK 

call me with a credit card (processed by SQUARE) or email me for info





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