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The other day I had an open house as part of a tour of area layouts where I live. The event is sponsored by the NMRA. Two days before the event I set all of the trains I was going to run on the tracks and did some test runs. Once a couple of issues were dealt with ALL of the trains ran well.

The morning of the open house I'm setting snacks out and decided to turn the trains on so that they would be running when guest started to come. My MTH B&O lash up instantly had problems. I did everything I possibly could think of. I deleted the engines from my DCS remote and added them again. The engines added successfully but when I went to create a lash up they wouldn't appear as an engine in the remote. This was a new one for me. I ended up putting one of my Lionel Legacy SD45's on and it ran with no issues at all.

Today I decided to go mess with the B&O units again. The GP30 has PS3 and the GP40 has PS2. I again deleted the units. I attempted to create the lash up. At first my remote would only show that I had one engine programmed into it, which was the GP30 and when I went to add the second it said "engine already selected". When I finally was able to add the second unit, the train started to move but it hadn't even made it to the half way point when it "shut down". I again deleted and added. This time I tried to run the two units separately before lashing up. The GP30 ran around the entire layout but the second time it got to the half way point and shut down. The GP40 started but immediately shut down when I moved the acceleration wheel. 

The Lionel unit still runs fine. I know this probably isn't an easy one but I am hoping it is something that I have done that may be relatively easy to rectify. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Just to give more insight to my set up. I have one Z4000, one TIU, and one AIU.


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Hi Dave,

I would start with simply cleaning the rails.  I have had some similar problems with DCS, and dirty rails can mess with the signal.  It's always good to start with the easy things and work your way down the list.

I hope that fixes it for you!




Hi Dave,

I had similar problems when I had my system hooked up with a cable to run TMCC engines using the DCS remote.  TMCC would work just great and DCS had lots of problems.  Out of frustration I unhooked the cables and connected DCS and TMCC to the track separately and all the DCS problems went away.  Haven't gone back to try and figure out what happened just happy both systems are running OK now.



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