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Why tubular track?

In my case I had stock from previous layouts

sounds good more like real train IMO

works good with Magna traction

pretty cheap

still readily available as are switches

many turn radius available

many switches available

pretty easy to cut to size if needed

draw backs are (some)

no roadbed

cut hands I my case even with gloves

Not a real or prototype  look  again IMO

and probably others

that said all track systems have good and bad points

I just built a new layout using tubular track. I have built layouts with gargraves, Ross, superO and a few more.

I used O gauge tubular because I wanted to be build which will be most likely my last layout. When I started building permanent layouts in 1969 with my brother it was tubular that we used. My brother who passed away 4+ years ago was my best friend  and In honor of him I decided to build this layout with tubular.

Its great track, looks good and I dressed it up by using foam roadbed and rubber ties. Not only does it look good but it does help to quiet the sound of the  trains running.


My Grandfather used tubular, my Dad used tubular and so when I built my first home 4x8 layout back in 1974 that's what I used.  Of course back in the stone ages tubular was just about the only thing out their being regularly produced; other than perhaps Gargraves.  Super O was out there but not easily attainable at that time.  If it had been my layout would have been Super O ;  I love that track.  Anyway, as I expanded I continued using tubular because it was what I was used to and it was oh so forgiving when constructing and expanding a layout.  It gives you a lot of leeway.  My layout is now 8x20 and it's all tubular gussied up with cork roadbed, rubber ties from Moondog Express and hard ballasting.  It was a lot of fun putting it all together.

Thanks to Steve and OKHiker for posting photos of their excellent layouts. I always enjoy the photos and video posted here. Someone a while back posted that they run trains for fun and not frustration. The tubular track is a rugged and reliable track system that will give years, or really, decades of smooth, and frustration free, operation. I have built layouts with it since 1966. It never let me down. It saddens me that Lionel, who originated it to begin with, no longer makes it. We are fortunate that Menards makes it new for now. I plan to stock up on the 30 inch straight sections now that the holidays are over with.

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