Recently dug out my old post war track cleaning car with the little grey bottles.

The fluid has since evaporated since it was used years ago.

Lionel makes track cleaning fluid, but it appears that it is only available in their maintenance kit in a tiny bottle.  If there is a larger stand alone bottle, I can't find it

Any suggestions what I can use in my car as a substitute that won't harm it?   Very hesitant to use denatured alcohol for fear of fire and harming the plastic.

Will be using this on Fast Track and tubular.






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I have used rubbing alcohol with a washcloth for years on my tubular track.  I haven't had any problems.  I think you would want to shut down any open campfires that were operational on your layout for sure.  Also might want to be cautious around that new flame throwing smoking tank car I recently saw on the forum.  I use scotchbrite pads for the older track.  For really old track I used to use a wire brush on a grinder before putting on the layout.

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