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Yes, of course.  But you'll need separate power channels/sources for the trolley and constant lighting of the bumpers.

Simply isolate the two short end pieces of track at the center rail (insulating pin)...if your power sources for train and accessory are phased properly or within one unit (e.g., ZW, et al).  If you are unsure of having a shared 'common' for the outer rails, then isolate the two end pieces completely...3 insulating pins.

The bumpers must be mounted to those short pieces of track so that when the trolley makes contact with the bumper, its wheels/pickup do not reach the bumper track's rails...very important!

Then attach a separate lock-on at each end piece of track to which the lighted bumpers are attached.  Power these end pieces with an accessory tap or a variable set at your desired light intensity level.  (If you have a shared/phased common, you'll only need to attach the hot those end lock-ons)

There ya gol!...Trolley runs/stops, bumpers always lit.


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