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Lionel TTUX New York Central.  New in Box. Never run.. 6-16904  Box in excellent condition $65 + SHipping.

MTH GG-1 Green 5 Stripe :MT-5105L         this is the first Short scale GG-1 that MTH Made. 30-1251-1  IT has NO sound.  it has the QSI DCRU with Lockout.  And  Horn, that sounds alot like the Buzzer of the old postwars.  The body shows some edge wear and chips as I ran this one.  It has 2 CAN motors that are so quiet you can't even hear them.  I was going to put in a DALLEE Sound system as it would be the perfect project but never got around to it.  This is a GREAT Runner that you can let your kids and Grand kids run.. It is SOLID Box weighs almost 9 lbs.  Letting it go for $125 + Shipping!

4-8-4 Bantam "J" Steam Engine Rugged Rails. (30-1251-1) This engine I would run from time to time as is evident in the wheels... The shell of the engine and tender are immaculate... Very clean and no chips.  I always put it away with the original packing material.  PS2 sound system has a little issue that when you hald the whistle button down on an extended blow, it get a bit softer then back to original volume when you let go... Not a big deal.  This is Another great engine that has lots of PLAY Value and put it on that layout and let it pull tons of cars!!!! Letting it go for $135.00 Plus shipping. Another heavy box

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