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I recently purchased a Lionel Reefer redecorated with Turkey Hill advertising. Turkey Hill is a dairy in Lancaster County, PA. I did some research and found that the car is a repaint done by Newbraugh Bros. and Pleasant Valley. Apparently this car is very rare, because they made less than 200 pieces. Does anyone know the value of this car or any of its history? There is no listing for it in Greenberg.



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That is a cool car!  I  live in the general area serviced by Turkey Hill markets.  That car looks like its from 30+ years ago as Turkey Hill hasn't used that typeface/logo for in a long time (1972 printed on the side?).  Since its a custom job, not a Lionel factory product, its value can be variable higher ($25/30?) in the Lanc. County/York County, PA area where Turkey Hill is best known, but less elsewhere.

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Thanks for your reply, RadioRon! Yes, I also live in the area serviced by TH. I bought the car because I thought it would be a great representation of a local business. Although I grew up in Western PA. and its Sheetz all the way for me! Ha! The reason I posted was because, upon investigation, I found a sold listing on Worthpoint. However, no price was given unless you paid a fee. No thanks. They talked about the rarity of the car and the fact that Newbraugh Bros. and PVP also decorated the TCA Heinz Banquet car, which were made in higher quantities. High or low value, its still a cool car! I was just curious


Huh.. I've never heard of Worthpoint.    Are there any recorded sales of the Turkey Hill cars on E-Bay?  I live in solid "Wawa territory," to be precise   Lionel did a special run of really cool Wawa boxcars for one of the TCA divisions 4 or 5 years ago, but I learned of it too late & they now command stiff prices on the secondary market, if the can even be found.

Worthpoint is, I believe, a clearing house for auction and sales information.  They charge you to get pricing info. I wouldn't use it enough to make it worth my while.

I haven't seen any current or past listings on Ebay for the Turkey Hill Car.

A Wawa car! That would be cool! I was listening to the radio recently, and the show host was talking about two politicians from either end of the state. As a joke he said he would like to hear a debate between these two men, and the debate would be over, which is better, Sheetz or Wawa!

If you want a cool custom reefer, get a Lionel Penn Dutch Operating milk car. There are a few "Penn Dutch" cars for sale on Ebay right now. These are cars that I designed, and marketed for the National Toy Train Museum.

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