lionel u36c trucks with 8265-515 pilot

looking for any tricks I may have missed in replacing the couplers on a u36c truck without having to cut away the bottom portion of the plastic steps to gain access. this is the 8855-50 coupler same type truck as the sd40 I know if you de rivet the steps you have open access but then a job getting new steps and rivets in place can be a mess any suggestions?


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thanks for the good info Larry. is there any chance you might provide the part # for the plastic pilot steps for this u36c it is a chessie 6-8061 it’s not a high end engine but really good looking and a great runner would be nice to replace the steps that I cut away to replace the couplers would need the correct rivets too thanks for any info on this

thanks again Larry, you may have saved the day. I got the couplers from that same supplier and they work great. I do want to keep this engine all original lesson learned on my part and that supplier has great pricing and fast delivery so i’ll contact Jeff and hope for the best

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