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Awesome Bro!  Been anticipating your post!


Excited for you, I know you've been searching a long time for this one.  The OMI Pacific is one of the best models ever made of that particular locomotive.


I like all the documentation that came with it.  Always great to have it with the model. NIB is awesome!  Can't get much sweeter for you...


Wait until it's painted!


It's going to look incredible pulling the GGD Harriman cars!   

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How'd you fix the pilot?  I'm still drooling over it....


I haven't posted anything in a while, so I thought a good piece would be the Pacific Witz showed on the last page.  We have the same OMI model.






Not sure why mine has the black smoke box.  It's not a stock piece.  Will be interested to see Will's when he unwraps it (comparison).






I'm not sure I'm going to paint this one.  I really like the bare brass look of the model.


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Nice looking Pacific you've got there Aaron! Interesting about the boiler front. I guess there's always an untold story. Especially with a thirty year old model!

You know you're going to paint it. Just a matter of time. I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to add lighting and sound.

The Mikado? The steps were easy enough with gentle pressure the "cow catcher" not so much. I resisted the urge to increase pressure so I had it rest on the bartop with the pilot over-hanging. Facing it head on I lifted the front end with my thumbs on the front and fingers behind. I didn't push too hard but instead let gravity slowly do the work. A couple of pauses for alignment check and I was happy not to have snapped the **** thing off.

Did yours come with the box and extra boxpok driver set?

Anyway. I think possibly your being a little shy. I'm guessing you might have another photo or two to share on this forum that some others may have already seen on the other side.......

Given the views on this thread there's got to be some more UP fans with some photos to share...maybe something we haven't seen yet??? Can't be just PRR fans posting in the photo album forum lately!
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Here's a picture of the new upcoming Union Pacific MT-73 4-8-2 Mountain w/12-wheel Vandy tender from 3rd Rail. Oil fired in two-tone gray with white/silver striping. Next to it on the other set of tracks is the coal fired version in standard black.....


Or maybe they're the Lionel Vision Line models...I can't quite tell yet.  Anyways.....a man can dream...........


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Originally Posted by WITZ 41:
....Interesting about the boiler front. I guess there's always an untold story....
Not sure why mine has the black smoke box(?).  The previous owner isn't with us anymore, so I may never know.    
....I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to add lighting and sound....
Lucky for me, mine has LEDs installed by previous owner.  I'm not sure how heavy you want to get into 2R, but DCC might be a sound option...
The Mikado? 
It looks great.  That's one thing about high end brass models-they always need a little 'tweaking' after shipment.  This one is beyond tweaking!
Did yours come with the box and extra boxpok driver set?



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Originally Posted by WITZ 41:
Hmmmm....makes you wonder if 3rd Rail or Lionel would like to capitalize on that kind of demand.......

I'd buy a 3rd Rail Mountain, TTT or Pacific!


Originally Posted by david1:

Hey Aaron, is that Mountain for sale? It is really nice lol. 

The price just went up...!


Originally Posted by Erik C Lindgren:
Hey is that Mountain for sale! ??

It's terrific!

The price just went up more!



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Originally Posted by david1:

It is beyond me why the 3 mfgs. Have not made the likes of the bull moose and many others. There seems to be a market for them. 


I was was excided when MTH catalogued the mountain only to be disappointed when it was cancelled. Oh well! 

I'm not sure either, Dave.  UP had a lot of  2-10-2s, Moose, and Mountains, that were the mainline steam equipment during the era.  The irony is some of the mfgs. have chosen the 'oddball' UP locomotives and produced them-H7 and Y3 quickly come to mind. However, they also offered those in C&O and N&W, which increased the sales number. The locomotives we want are UP specific, so maybe the mfgs. see that as to much of a gamble (?).  The other side of that-N&W was the only RR with the 'J' which is always a sell out-I suspect popularity plays a big factor in those decisions of what to produce or not...


The tooling investment has to be the show stopper is all I can understand.


From what I've been told, UP stuff sells extremely well, which further adds to the mystery.



If MTH would've done the Mountain, I would've bought them all because it was UP accurate, different versions, and it'd be the only one in 3R.  Sign me up!


Alas, I'll continue to find what I want in 2R and scratch build/modify exsisting models to get the UP stuff I want.  For example, next project will be a UP 4-10-2 3 cylinder.

Originally Posted by WITZ 41:
Anyone have an OMI S-8 0-6-0? I found one for sale but the price is a little higher than I'm willing to pay.

Bob Jarvis and I talked at length about that particular model.  He was really pleased with it.  I suspect you'll feel the same way.


Let us know if you purchase.  I'd like to see pictures.  


It appears I opened the gate for you and Dave-2R stuff is now appearing in your collection! I love being a bad influence!

Originally Posted by 86TA355SR:

Awesome Bro!

Did you feel guilty cutting the tape?

The OMI Pacific is the best model made of it in my opinion!  Congrats again!


No guilt. I meticulously peeled back the tape and methodically unrapped the locomotive so I could do do everything in reverse order to wrap it up and put back in the box. Which is what I did, stickers and all. Good practice for when I ship it for painting...

I'm glad I looked. It's perfect, shiny, and new!
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