Relief power on the Plywood Empire Route is this ex-UP SW1500 still in UP livery (although UP never owned an SW1500 ):


Dad took the pic of the E8/E9 at Green River during one of our railfanning layovers c.1960-'65



Operator of the Plywood Empire Route in the Beautiful Berkshires

Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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KTM Union Pacific 2-8-0 Consolidation


Nice clean brass model. The KTM version seems to be a bit of a generic early 1950's appearance.  Can't seem to find any match during extensive photo research.  Not anywhere near the beautiful p48 modification seen earlier on this thread.

It's pretty close in appearance to #6201

up 6201 2010-03-21~2

So I think I will modify it to coal burning and renumber.  The right hand side doesn't exactly match, nor does the 9000 gal tender. (7000 gal in photo). But I'll live with the variance since my skill won't extend beyond those simple changes.


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MTH 20-90245 Union Pacific Skeleton Flat Car W/Log Load 6-Car Set


This is a fun set.  I've been looking for this one for some time. Still looking for for the matching 20-90246.

Very HEAVY cars for their size.  The logs are plastic but the body is die-cast. Nicely detailed and very smooth runners.  The fine chain details have small springs on each hook to hold the timber in place.

Not sure if I'll keep as is or try to 3RS or 2-rail them adding Kadee couplers.


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No new item photos to post yet, but I am happy I have my new photo booth set-up in place. Finally decided to use a tripod too, in order to avoid my shaky hands blur.

A couple test photos with different colored models (KTM 2-8-0, Atlas 40' Stock, and my incomplete 3rd Rail E7 project) to check lighting.  Looks alright.  Not quite Erik or Santiago level quality but better than the yellowish whiteout I was getting before. 

Makes me want to re-photo everything.  I have a few new Heavyweights that just arrived.  I'll post soon.







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Bruk posted:

Who made that TTT-6 with the Young Valve Gear?

I don't know, but I wish I did.  At first, I figured it was going to be a modified KTM.  It's not.  It's custom built from scratch. Whoever did it, did a masterful job. I've owned several TTTs. This is one of my favorites. Second only to the Bassett custom KTM shown earlier in this thread.

The collector I bought it from wasn't sure who built it either. He said he bought it a long time ago from some modeler who used to run it at the Pomona fairgrounds.

The tender trucks and springs have  gotten a little weak.  So it doesn't ride level, and wheels make contact with the body.  I'll have to figure that out before I can run it.  

Just picked up the latest Union Pacific MTH SD70M cab 4014 from my dealer. Runs nice, sound good, and now is in revenue service on the layout. I don’t operate any steam engines so I didn’t purchase this engine as part of the Big Boy restoration project, I bought it just because I like Union Pacific diesels.






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