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I have a lionel TMCC UP veranda (Item #6-18149). Whenever I run it in command mode, it will not move at a constant speed. It will start and stop uncontrollably. All other features seem to work fine (horn, bell, crew talk, ect.) However, when I run it conventionally, everything works fine. I tried reprograming the engine and no change. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m gonna guess its an issue with the Odyssey system. The Veranda had an early version of Odyssey that has some operational quirks anyway. Sometimes erratic behavior stems from a cracked magnet ring on one of the motor flywheels. They’re press fit so the stress causes the failure. The hall effect sensor no longer properly detects the change in magnet poles so this creates a confusing feedback loop for the board.

Could also be a problem with motor control board itself.
Probably works in conventional since the Odyssey is likely off.

If its the magnet ring, not sure you can get a replacement. The original Veranda used small Pittmann motors that weren’t used in any other model. An ERR cruise board would be an option to fix it and give you smoother operation and better speed control.

Also check the headlight while it is running.

If it seems to flash intermittently, especially when it stops, the loco may have problems in receiving the signal.

I have the same loco and it just came back from repair by an authorized and Lionel trained Legacy repair person (new motor). I have been testing it for a week and the problem of the flashing headlight and then stopping continues to recur.

I will be contacting my repair person.

NONE of my other Lionel locos have this problem, from the first TMCC locos made to the latest Lionel Legacy locos.

I also have Gunrunners signal strength enhancer on my layout.

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