Would like to see one of these for 2020. The last one was a big fail thanks largely to the wrong whistle. Such an iconic whistle to get wrong on such an iconic steam engine.  Needs a redo.


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The GS-4 was not a Vision Line engine.....just a plain old Legacy engine. I was once on a BM&R #425 excursion, when they stoped to turn around a couple guys got on top of the engine and changed the whistle. When I asked why they said someone had brought it and wanted to hear it so they hooked it up. Goes to show you when people talk about engines having the correct whistle I tend to believe it is BS  I can’t carry a tune so why should I say a whistle is correct. As long as it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up that is all that counts.


When the 4449 first came thru El Paso as the American Freedom Train and then again in the early 80's headed to the worlds fair, a group of us that was maintaining the SP 2-8-0 #3420 we worked on the train from El Paso to San Antonio, it was a blast to say the least.  We were chatting with Doyle McCormick the 4449 Guru and he told us that the whistle on the daylight at that time was not the original whistle but one from a steam boat from the Mississippi River boats.  Not sure but they probably found a whistle that was from a steam engine somewhere in California and traded it out.  Then again, it might still have that old steam boat whistle.  Either way, it sounds fantastic.  If there are no other  GS class locomotives running that are totally intact, then how do we know what it really sounds like?  If Doyle hadn't said that it was a steamboat whistle, we would have never guessed it.  Sounds great to me and from all the videos I've seen of it, it sounds like it still has the SB whistle.  It was also my understanding from talking with ex-SP shop guys, no two whistles were ever the same, there was always some tonal variation. 



TCA 12-67009


Use the air horn; neat.

(I upgraded my used MTH Niagara with ERR Cruise Commander and GS-4 Railsounds to get the air horn for the NYC loco, as it had both a whistle and horn, too. I do not know how accurate either sound is, but the horn sounds pretty much like 1946, to me.) 

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