Need some advice, I ordered a used #2010 Lionel ES44AC early this week that arrived today. It is in nearly flawless paint condition and moves around the track very nicely however, the fan in the smoke unit doesnt spin instead I get a thin wisp from the stack and curiously from under the cooling radiator area as well. Shouldnt there be a gasket to keep the smoke going straight out the stack like my SD40-2? Also the cooling fan feature seems to be non functional, it isnt frozen you can turn the gears, but regardless of what I do with the engine conditions (speed,rpm,labor) the fans never spin, the contacts appear in good shape not bent any odd direction and they are in the same position as the rear lamp which works fine.

The anticipation I had for getting this loco has been years in the making. I have only just recently been in a position to spend so much on one locomotive, and now I'm wondering whats the best route to go down. Try for a return and keep looking? Find a qualified repair shop? Do it myself? I read a while back lionel doesnt take any non warranty repair work anymore.

Just feel kinda burnt on this one...

Anyone been inside of one how much of a pain is it?

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Okay, sounds like the fan motors. they might be bad. If you are getting smoke in the shell, the motor could be wired backwards? If not its leaking thru the intake hole where the impeller is which is normal if the fan isn't turning and the heating element is on.

I do have both the GE and CP versions. I had issues with the fan motors and replaced them and they work perfectly now. If you have taken apart Lionel engines before, its very easy to remove the shell on those. You just got to worry about the die cast handrails. If you don't feel Comfortable, Id recommend a service center or you can send it to me. I do plan on taking mine apart in the next few days to look at how the radio board is wired for something I am working on, I could send you pictures of how to remove the shell and the smoke unit.

If its not the smoke unit fan motors I do believe it could be a bad 691SFC1102 SMOKE FAN CONTROL PCB / DIESEL HYBRID. $42.00 . I think the dynamic fans are controlled off that board. So it makes sense to me that it could be bad if both the fans are not working....

So the parts you'll probably need are.

6101154130 / DC MOTOR / MINIATURE FAN / DIAGONAL SCREW HOLES / $7.50 each (will need 2)




I have trouble with my GE 2010 also , the two fans on the roof needed the copper contacts adjusted to line up with the two silver contacts on the engines body to get them to work, there should be around 4 volts on the silver contacts when the rpm's are above 4 .

My engine also does not smoke properly , I need to strain to see the tiny amount of smoke that comes out. I don't think the smoke unit fan is working , had the smoke problem since the engine was new. I took it to a service shop and they have a three month wait before they can get to it. How hard is it to trouble shoot and repair? everything else is working properly.

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