Lionel Vision Line Genset Switcher - UP or NW

Still looking to buy a Lionel Vision Line Genset Switcher - either the UP or NW version - cant find any on line and know it would have to be a "used" one - if anyone has any ideas let me know  thanks in advance


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BA0C49C4-B315-4E1D-A74D-6C5867BDB28BDo you mean the NS (Norfolk Southern) genset switcher? Lionel never made on dressed up in the Norfolk and Western scheme as the gensets are far to new with them being built in the 2000’s. I’m assuming the locomotive you want is what the locomotive in the picture is? Also, you tried looking for one at your, LHS or at close out retailers? If you want a genset, you could always go with an mth premier genset with PS3 for cheaper than that of a vision genset. If you have to have a vision, you could also look for one at train shows. I’ve seen them before, but they might be a little overpriced.

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….- i also have heard that the Lionel Vision line units were not very reliable - ….

I didn't know that. I had the NS version for a few years, and never a problem. Had to keep the exhaust rain caps clean for perfect visual operation. But, they worked perfectly. Very cool, especially close up. Very nice slow speed operation, too

Good luck in your search.

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