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Hi everybody,

I wanted to get some opinions on getting the Lionel Vision Line GS-3 #4428 (Golden State) or GS-4 #120 (Lionel Lines) and the accompanying passenger cars.  I am stuck trying to decide which to get and wanted to see what others thought. I have decided on either of these two engines as I really want to get a Vision Line steam engine and passenger cars.  Both are still available through trainworld.  Thanks for your potential input. 

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I am a GS junky and have 3, although they are not Vision Line. I have Legacy Southern Pacific GS-2 #4415, TMCC Western Pacific GS-64-77 #485, and a K-Line Semi Scale Southern Pacific GS-4 #4449. IMO, the GS is the most beautiful Northern Class 4-8-4. For me, no brainer, Southern Pacific GS-3 #4428. It's not a prototypical paint scheme, but the set sure is pretty!!!

FYI - Southern Pacific designed the GS series and LIMA manufactured them for SP. WP piggy backed a SP order of 10 GS-6 with an order of 6 GS series in 1943 being desperate for more motive power for the War effort, and WP called them GS-64-77. No other railroad had the GS series. GS = Golden State or General Service, depends on who you talk to. I believe SP folks called them Golden State, since SP's corporate headquarters was in San Francisco. Golden State, Golden Gate.  Blah, blah, blah, I'm rambling again!

In any case, you will enjoy running these beautiful models!


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I purchased the 120 version and I love it. The paint job is very impressive and I also like the graphics on the tender. I ordered the passenger set which is scheduled for an October delivery I believe. This should be an amazing set. One fine print note about the 120 set, they are limited in production number and they come populated with passengers. Something that you don’t see in the latest passenger car offerings. Good luck with your choice. 👍🏻

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