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Hi I just unpacked my GS4 runs smokes fine but the tender is stuck in conventional mode! I can blow the whistle on the transformer from the tender only. While the engine is only listening to legacy. I tried reseting it according to the manual but no luck. Any suggestions has anyone else had this problem?

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If the tender comes on as soon as you apply power in a command control environment. That means the IR between the engine and tender is not working properly. The tender is not seeing the serial data to tell it to go into command control.

To test at home:

  • If you use a low resolution camera on the engine's draw-bar and don't see the LED lit. Then there is an issue within the engine. But if it lit, then there is an issue with the tender's receiver.

Either you trace down the reason why the IR is not working with in the wiring in the loco/tender or get an RA# from Lionel to get it fixed.

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