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Absolutely - it’s going to be interesting. So, Excluding a major issue - a simple repair goes back to Lionel ? 0h, I can’t wait until one of the carriers loses my engine and a replacement is not longer available. You know between the prices - “some” of the quality issues. I’m sitting the hobby out for a bit. The new catalog - 200.00 for a plastic house and smoke unit - and blinking light? Absolutely insane..

The only thing that did interest me was the cab 3 - But, as John stated, he’ll wait to see - if there are bugs - and if so - wait until they are ironed out. Also, I’m going to be stuck using my phone? - if cab2 is no longer produced? Or, stuck using cab1L - if down the road that’s the only available remote.  I sat  at the early stages of legacy engines - best thing I ever did….it saved me some real heartache…

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@Jim Sandman posted:

Lots of folks would be swearing at you as well, maybe you enjoy that type of thing!


Hey Jim. FWIW, I place a very high value on you as my go-to tech guy. You’ve come to my rescue over the years with accurate diagnosis and efficient parts replacement and service at reasonable costs. All authorized Lionel tech guys should follow your example. Thank you for your superb service. 🙏 👍

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