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@RandyC posted:

It may not be new but at the price we pay for these products it’s ridiculous. I would be willing to pay for the repair because it’s out of warranty. It’s the depleting coal tender that’s not operational.

I'm willing to say they don't have the personnel to keep up with all the warranty repair and out of warranty repairs.  This policy has been in place now for at least 5+ years, probably more on the plus side.  Again I don't have a problem if they refer me but those folks need to be trained.

Lionel hasn't had a repair training classes in a decade. When Mike left, that was the end of that. Even the certified ones a decade ago are now ' untained ' in LionChief, bluetooth, etc. I'm sure a lot of repair folks have left since a decade ago, making competent repair guys scarcer. The technology has changed so much, from modular boards like radio boards, audio boards are all outdated today.

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Kalmbach Publishing Company (LOL) shut down Customer Service at their Waukesha, WI HQ and outsourced it to some unknown outfit in Tampa, FL a couple years ago.  Well, when that brilliant move flopped they found another fly-by-nighter in Big Sandy, TX, of all places.  Gads, what a thought...???  The sheer fact they put the girls in Waukesha out on the street (Item: These gals really knew their business too!) was enough for me to cancel all my subscriptions of the railroad related magazines I had purchased.

To add insult to injury, they have terminated Marc Horowitz, founder of Garden Railways magazine.  GR's magazine's quality completely disappeared soon after.  The  advertisements outnumbered the number of pages of the articals, at least this was the impression I received.  Believe me, Al Kalmbach, David P. Morgan, Rosemary Entringer, and Lynn Westcott, are all turning over in their graves to see how the top notch company Al Kalmbach started during The Great Depression with Model Railroader, has sunk so low.

A tip of my old wore out traditional striped engineer's cap to the entire OGR staff for maintaining Quality Plus with both the magazine and forum that all  subscribers have come to love from the Get Go!  WOW, you guys and gals run the OGR business professionally, and this is why I will renew my subscription when it comes due in 2021, and many more years too until my Maker calls me home to the roundhouse in the sky which is just beyond the Big Rock Candy Mountains where all railroaders, railfans, and model railroaders go when their number comes up!

Godspeed on the Heavenly Express




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