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More information is needed.  Please answer these questions so we can better help you.

  1. Are you saying the locomotive doesn't move, make any sounds, nor are any lights in the locomotive on?
  2. Is track power applied to the train before attempting to use the remote and if so how many volts?
  3. Does a lighted train car on the powered tracks illuminate?
  4. Is the train seated correctly between the rails?
  5. Does the light in the remote come on?
  6. What is the model number of the locomotive?

The loco runs fine.Does not make Bell sounds,speaker announcements,or engine sound.The track power is on and train runs great.I have 3 passenger cars and all are lit up.The light on the remote is on.The loco is the5 star general by Lionel.The only problem I'm having, is no sound from the horn,speaker announcements,bell,chuff sound and also no smoke from smoke unit??

The most likely culprit is a partially failed LionChief circuit board inside the locomotive.  They can be damaged by voltage spikes that occur during derailments.

First try moving the Smoke and Sound switches from On to Off (in case their orientation is reversed) and check operation.  If that doesn't fix the issue, try sliding them back and forth a few times and then back to on and test again.  If that doesn't fix it, then the (part # cs-691ENGM500) circuit board inside the locomotive is probably in need of replacement.

Here's a link to where the circuit board can be purchased from Lionel.

If you don't already have installed TVS diodes and fast acting circuit breakers, they can help prevent voltage spikes from damaging the sensitive electronics inside command control trains (including LionChief).  Here's a link to more information about these devices.

Thank you Steve for all your help and time.I just found a Lionchief universal remote that I had stored amongst my train accessories that I had for 1 year ,but never opened.I will try this,as I have a total of 3 sets that are all running fine except for the one we talked about.I will get back to you with my results.You are a great asset to the O gauge forum and your patience and expertise is greatly appreciated!Thanks again,Don P.

Thank you for the kind words.  There's certainly no harm to be done done by trying the Universal Remote, but LionChief remotes have no effect on Smoke control, so that's why I concluded that the issue is likely a partially failed main PCB inside the locomotive.  It may be wise to wait a few days before ordering a replacement to see if someone can think of another possibility for this dual failure mode or to confirm my hypothesis.

Hello again Steve,By pure luck I found the problem.The wires hidden under a rubber covering on the back coupler were broken off.I will very carefully try to take it apart and solder them???

I was able to find the same model loco and tender and ordered it from "Mr.Muffins Trains"If you haven't visited this site yet,you will not be disappointed. Excellent website and service.Again,a big thank you for your help.Take care,Don

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