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I picked up a very lightly used Lionel legacy 6–82760 SD90MAC NS 7245. The locomotive is beautiful and everything works on it flawlessly other than the very low sound volume.
The knob is as high as it can be turned, and yet there is very low volume. If I have another locomotive running on the layout you cannot hear this one. I love everything about it, so is it the volume knob or the speaker or something else? if I turn the volume knob all the way down, it does not really put any sound out until about halfway through the range the knob can be turned.
All of the RailSounds work as they should. I had another SD90MAC a while back and it was very loud, if turned up all the way, but there’s something wrong with this one. Ideas?

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The problem turned out to be an issue with the volume knob. I tried it again this morning, turning it up and down with no change in the ultimate max volume.
But after doing that a third time it was like flipping a switch. Wow!
When I rotated it clockwise the third time, it suddenly got louder, much more than before. It is working normally now and I have it at max and can control the volume normally via my Legacy controller.
Dust maybe? Either way, I’m glad it sounds normal now.

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