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Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted for ages so I hope this is in the right forum! I am in the UK where we no longer have any Lionel dealers or service stations. My BB recently lost its sounds although it runs perfectly with synchronized chuffing smoke and working whistle smoke.  I did a re-set as per the manual and with the tender hooked up I now have crew/towertalk, bell, whistle sounds that set off the whistle steam effect, blow down .brakes etc etc- in fact everything but the chuffing sound.

By the sounds I do get from the tender I am assuming that the infrared tether is functioning as the antenna is in the engine  (If I disconnect the engine and remove it I get nothing from the tender)

What Am I missing please re the no chuffing? - HELP !

Thanks MIKE

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Update - I couldn't get the IR tethers to line up trying another tender with the BB.  However I was able to hold the BB's tender behind another Legacy engine and all sounds are present including the chuff!

This makes me think its the engine end at fault. I have fitted an new tether to the engine but still no joy. I also tried the "mobile phone camera against the engine tether" - hope I got that right - and nothing.

All I get with the new tethe3r fitted is all sounds as before except Chuff.

So - I assume either I messed up fitting the new tether or something else is wrong - any thoughts most welcome.

I have given up for today.............................


HI Zach - Sorry I no idea what that means. Over the w/e I will check over my work replacing the tether (it was "new" stock still in its original sealed bag and also go over all the wiring again to see if I can see any pinched wires.loose plugs, which is where I started.

Thank you for your continued interest - we have no techs or service facilities for the big L over here in England.........


@zhubl posted:

John any chance the chuff signal is getting to the SCF1 but not going past that into the serial data out to the tender? Sounds kinda odd no wiring diagram from Lionel. I have one I could open up 🤔

That's a possibility, we had something like that not so long ago.  However, if other commands like couplers and whistle/bell/crew talk are getting there, that seems like a remote possibility.

Well having left things for a month while I sulked I took another look today re-tracing all the wires, dismantled the second power unit etc...

I found a couple of pinched wires - now fixed  -and what appeared to be a disconnected earth wire. For the life of me I couldn't see where it went but after "grounding it" to the main chassis using one of the switch screws everything now functions as it should.....sound to match my puffing smoke!!

I have now run the BB for almost an hour both light engine and with a full load and all good.So I am going to leave it there.

Thanks for all the input earlier. Cheers from the UK (the land Lionel forgot!!)


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