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@POTRZBE posted:

It is 1932161.  I got it about 3 years ago.

I sure don't recognize that number; so I can't tell you if my funnel will fit it or not. I was expecting a 6-something number.

Here is a link to the previous topic on this subject that was running in June of this year:

Replacement 3D Printed Smoke Funnel for the mid-2000's Lionmaster Challenger

Here is a video clip of an LM Challenger that has been converted to my 3D funnel:

Here is a few finished funnels, painted and ready to go:

Finished Challenger Funnels R2.1

I have included below in pdf format a fitment list of Lionmaster engines that are known to fit this funnel. There is also a pdf document that discusses in some detail how it works and how to install it in your engine.

Hope that helps, Rod


This is the Lionmaster Lionchief Plus 2.0 version. I have one of these and it smokes well. The last I ran mine it seemed that more smoke came out of 1 of the stacks than the other but I noticed it got better once the wick got nicely saturated. You can add fluid to either stack on this model. Even though it goes to the same place I have better luck adding fluid to both stacks.


A big thank you to all who responded.  As you might guess, I am (as my teachers told me) not mechanically inclined and reluctant to do radical (for me) anything in those installation instructions.  So this morning, I took a good look at those stacks and blew down them and now it is puffing away just as new.  Perhaps an air bubble or piece of dust got in there blocking that front stack.  Again, many thanks.

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