Lionel was kind enough to lend me this engineering prototype of the upcoming LionMaster LC2 Big Boy for this sneak peek review. Enjoy!


Eric Siegel

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Great review, as usual, Eric! I'm impressed with the new LionChief Plus 2.0 sound set. The tinny, dimestore toy-like sounds have always kept me away from LionChief locos. If this is any indication of what we can expect from the new 2.0 releases, I will need to pick up a few!

gunrunnerjohn posted:

Cool, I love seeing this stuff come on-line!   Can't wait for the Docksiders I have ordered.

Me too. I am replacing one that I squeezed tmcc into...

Looks great. I wish Lionel would use two swivel motor trucks on the scale articulates. Looks much better on curves without the gross overhang. Certainly not scale but I could overlook that. 

The sound set and the slow speed control has me sold. Glad I pre-ordered the 4014 now. Great review Eric!

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