Hi Guys - I'm breaking down my 32' X 22' layout as I will be moving in a few months.  I live in Manchester, NJ.  I would like to have someone come in and purchase everything on my layout.  I'm looking for a store owner or auction house to provide a reasonable quote.  I don't have many engines but the few that I do are MTH.  I have a wide assortment of MTH, Woodland Scenics and Menards buildings, vehicles, bridges and rolling stock.  I do use Atlas track and switches and of course I would like to sell those also.

If anyone knows of a contact person or company that does this type of service please contact me at pmpolito47@gmail.com

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My suggestion would be that you start dismantling the layout asap.  If you haven't started yet, box and inventory all of the stuff that you want to sell.  Pull up all the track, switches, bumpers and anything else that can be resold and inventory them for sale.  From my old layout I even sold a bunch of terminal strips in a single lot.  The layout itself will end up in the trash.  Don't procrastinate on taking the layout down.  Based on my own experience, you are looking at a least of couple of full days (or possibly more) to do this.

With an inventory in hand, you can then then communicate with potential lot buyers to see what they might offer and auction houses to see what they think the items might bring at auction.

When I took my old layout down, I had the time and the storage space to sell what I wanted to sell by myself.  I sold all my track, switches, bumpers, turn-table powering kit and unused spools of wire, here on the For Sale sub-forum.  I sold several engines and freight cars here as well and locally through Craigslist and Letgo (free phone sales app).

You may also want to decide if you want to keep any of your current trains.  Even if you can't have a permanent layout, maybe a carpet layout is a possibility?


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