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I spend much of my vacation time in the Hamptons. As a result, I've amassed a small LIRR collection. I'm particularly interested in researching the history and impact of the LIRR on the Hamptons communities. 

I've got the MTH 44 ton switcher in LIRR, the MTH 19th Century Wood passenger cars in LIRR and a handful of MTH and Lionel LIRR freight cars. Just enough to keep me happy. 

Affordable semi-scale steam era o-gauge 3-rail LIRR items are lacking.  Notable exceptions are the LIRR Rail King 4-6-0 Camelback, the fantasy Sunrise Special 2-8-0 and a few cabooses.  Here are my thoughts about remedying the drought:

> Offer the MTH Rail King H10 2-8-0 in with "Long Island" on the tender and cab numbers in the range of 100 to 114;

Long Island 2-8-0 Artwork

> Offer the MTH Rail King / Rugged Rails 13-inch long heavyweight cars in Tuscan with gold "Long Island," and offer them in the Tichy light gray livery. This size car mimics the P-54 series of commuter cars;

P54 LIRR Artwork

> Offer a center cupola caboose in Tuscan with white "Long Island" lettering.DSCN1928

> Offer "Long Island" decals 0.25" high in the Pennsy lettering font in gold and white colors.




Bobby Ogage

"I hear that train a coming,

it's rolling around the bend"



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Another "era" on the LIRR worth considering is the late 60's early 70's when the railroad went shopping for used passenger equipment to replace the obsolete Ping Pongs and to reequip the East End parlor trains with lightweight equipment. The bought an amazing variety of cars including American Flyers from New England roads (converted some to bar cars), KCS coaches, NYC stainless steel cars and part of the consist of the Phobee Snow including the observation shown here.

For a short period they ran a solid train of the NYC cars, not relettered for the Long Island) with a C-420 in the orange and grey with the pilot painted silver and a banner on the front calling it the Silver Streak.

It was similar to the early days of Amtrak with the variety of colors and road names which were eventually painted over in LIRR grey.phobee snowkcs


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That would have to be up to the operator to mix n match. All these companies seem to think everything has to be a perfect matching set of something. I never could understand that concept. I have been following trains since the 60's and never experienced many matched passenger car trains. Problem is Lionel has the 420, others might have something close to run with it. Getting someone to make it all happen correctly is a long shot with LIRR stuff.

Often thought MTH should market all the R subway units as fan trip trains.

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