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For anyone who was dying of curiosity to know, in no particular order, and with uncertainty that this list is complete, here are the 9464 Standard O boxcars that were produced with a die cast frame. Some of the blurbs on the Lionel website indicate that some of the PS1 boxcars were produced with die cast frames. As an aside, Lionel also has a series of 6565 (6464 sized) boxcars with die cast frames.

B&M 6-17285

PH&D 6-17234

C&O 6-17268

WP 6-17233

CoG 6-17224

MR 6-17226

PRR 6-17220

NP 6-29259

NY Central 6-17247; released for separate sale, and, as part of the 6-17246 NY Central Freight set, which included 2 additional NY Central Std. O Boxcars in the Pacemaker scheme, both with die cast frames, 6-17248 & 6-17249, and a Pacemaker Caboose, with a plastic frame.

D&H 6-17258

Rutland Reefer 6-19552

KATY 6-17259

CP Rail silver 6-17260

CP Rail green 6-17261

CP Rail red 6-17262

B&O 6-17270

SRR 6-29257

WM 6-17269

UP 6-17250

NP 6-17243

ACL 6-17257

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