Has anyone used the lithium batteries in the DCS remote, and did they last longer or shorter time than alkaline and/or rechargables?  Lithiums are more expensive, so becomes a cost vs run time ratio compared to off shelf regular batteries.

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I'm using them now, but I don't have any statistics yet.  I'm thinking they may be safer in terms of not leaking.  I've had issues with both Duracell and Costco Kirkland batteries leaking in various devices.  I'm pretty sure that Duracell makes the batteries for Costco, probably why they leak like a Duracell!

Stick with Energizer batteries, either Lithium or Alkaline, so far those haven't shown the propensity to leak like the above brands.

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Been using them now for a couple of months with very good results.  They are lasting much longer than anything else I've tried.  Must use a dedicated charger....they charge at 5 volts.


I have used the Energizer rechargeables in Energizer charger for my ham and scanner radios, but not sure if rechargable batteries are lithium based chemistry.

My remote was indicating low battery so before I invested in Lithiums, I wanted to see what others used with bad/so-so/great results.  I replaced all my hard wired smoke alarms and house burglar alarms with 9V lithium backups and so far no annoying 3AM chirpings (usually when batteries decide to die ).

GRJ, have not (proverbial knock on wood) had Duracell leakages, yet.

I've also had Duracells leak. So far so good with the Kirklands, but I am still on my first batch of these.

FWIW, I noticed last week at Costco they had some Energizer batteries and also some Energizer rechargeables with charger. Just noticed them in passing by, didn't stop to see what all they had or what the rechargeables were. Don't recall seeing those at Costco before.

Haven't tried lithiums in my DCS, but a few years ago I used some in a digital camera. They seemed to last a little longer, but no idea how much longer? I don't know their current cost, but back then they were a bit pricey! 

Different strokes and all that. I haven’t had good luck with Energizer rechargeables, they don’t seem to last nearly as long as the Eneloops we get at Costco even though the linked article says they do. I haven’t seen Lithium’s, so haven’t tried them, but when it comes to regular batteries, again I haven’t had good luck with Energizers and always go back to Duracell. I’ve had all brands of regulars leak, but never in something I use often. I’ve only had them leak when I forget to take them out and the device doesn’t get used. I’m now in the habit of removing batteries from holiday remotes and remotes we don’t use often, like the DVD player and the AVR, those are controlled by Alexa and a TiVo remote.



I've had multiple instances of Duracell and Kirkland batteries leaking and killing stuff.  This is a fairly commonly reported issue.  The bad thing is they leak before they're dead!


From another site: All I know is that from my experience in the past 4-5 years, I'd never get a Duracell if I had to pick between those and Energizers.. have had far too many corroded Duracells in my devices.

I could go on and on...

As far as the damage warranty, that's a joke!  If I have a $5 flashlight that is destroyed by the batteries, by the time I get the replacement, I've wasted the $5 I'm trying to recover!  If it destroys an item that is no longer made that I really use, I'm out of luck.  Are they really going to give me the cost of a new Legacy system when it destroys my old CAB1?  I doubt it!

When batteries leak, try vinegar on a Q-tip for cleaning up the residue.

I've been using NiMH rechargeables for years in my remotes.  I have 6 sets & 4 remotes.  I usually have the backlight lit.  I see no reason to go to anything more expensive. 

RTR, a good tip, I'll have to look for them next time I go to Costco.  Of course, here in VA they may not have the same products up in your Costco, to which I've been many times.


We use rechargeable batteries in most of the items around our house requiring batteries; flashlights, Logitec all in one TV remotes, Xbox controllers, etc. with zero problems.  Our experience is that the rechargeable batteries usually last as long or close to as long as standard batteries, on just one charge.  What I would humbly but strongly suggest for anyone buying regular batteries is to get a battery checker.  I have been shocked that some devices will indicate low battery, and the battery checker will show almost 50% left on the indicator.  I have a bag of "used good" batteries that we use in lower consumption devices (LED light strings, etc.), and it has significantly reduce our overall battery consumption. Our first set of AA rechargeable batteries have been cycled over 20 times and are still work great. Of course, if the device is going to be strored for a  while without use (Christmas, Halloween items), we always take the batteries out regardless of type.

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