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I have always liked the look of the small diesel yard goats.  (When I was a kid, we called them yard runners.)

But, they are so short, and I'm guessing that they only have one roller, or maybe two that are really close together.

Given this, how can they operate smoothly when they are crossing all of the switches and cross tracks in a yard?  Don't they sputter, stall, hesitate and balk?  If so, how can they be of any use in a yard?  And, Lord Forbid, what happens when  you stop one on a switch?

Thanks for any information. 


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@cpowell posted:

You might want to look at the Lionel dockside engines. They are small (0-6-0) and are very reliable.


At least for Ross switches, anything larger than a #10x regular switch will require relay switching of the center rail to allow the Docksider to transition the switches.  I have two of the new LC+ 2.0 models (same pickup roller spacing as the original), and they stall on the curved switches as well as my double-slip switches, even with the relays!

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