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I recently got an American Flyer standard gauge flat car. It didn't have the usual wood load so as I looked around for a good load I noticed my Hubley MG was the right size for the car.  Since one car wouldn't be enough I bought 2 from that auction site and am proceeding to restore them. The red one below is the one I had.


And this is the first one of the one for the car load, almost done. Needs touch ups and clear coat.


I think the next one will be yellow.


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I have been watching MGs on ebay.  Is there a model number for the cars you are repainting? There appear to be two sizes/model numbers of the MG.  How long is each car?  I really like the looks of them as loads for the Machinery cars.

Northwoods Flyer


The cars I have used are Hubley #432 and they are about 5  1/2 inches long which seems to be a good size for Standard Gauge.  There is a larger version #485 but it is way too large for Standard Gauge.  I need to get a couple more as I want a yellow one and a blue one for my MG dealership. I made some magnetic MG signs to put on my Hallmark tin gas station to make it a MG dealer/ used car lot.

Thanks for the information Pete.  I thought it might be the #432.  Now I can focus my search. I am watching ebay, so I don't want to be in competition with you in bidding.  Let me know if you spy something you like and I will be sure not to bid on it.  It looks like there are plenty available.  Are there any other Hubley vehicles that you think would make good loads?

Northwoods Flyer


To fit on 200 series flat cars, look for vehicles in 1:32 scale to 1:24 scale.  When I was building my Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus train, I wanted to put one large or two small circus wagons on one flatcar.  1:32 scale wagons is what worked.

200 series Circus Flat Cars 2 002

200 series Circus Flat Cars 2 001

1:32 scale cast iron cars, taxis, etc. by Arcade, Tom Sehloff, and others also work well.

Bob Nelson


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  • 200 series Circus Flat Cars 2 002
  • 200 series Circus Flat Cars 2 001
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So I decided I needed somewhere to ship my MG's to.  My Hallmark gas station is now an MG dealership. I've added a few MG signs and at the moment they have a red MG in stock with a white and green one on the way.



Soon they'll also be a yellow one in stock and later a blue one.

The yellow one just came out of the paint shop and needs to be reassembled.




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Thanks Steve,

I like the looks of the tinplate buildings and accessories that Hallmark produced for this line.  I have almost all of the pieces or they are on their way.  I'm not sure I will get the diner.  It seems a bit too new for the era of my layout.  The standard has been nothing newer than 1940.   However, I have learned to never say never. Its too bad that they didn't make more buildings.  They go quite well with Wide/Standard Gauge.

Thanks for the photo of your layout too Pete.  I'm getting inspiration for the new layout.  I have some Hubley cars coming too.  Any suggestions for fire equipment for the fire station?

Northwoods Flyer


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