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087A9EAC-AC2B-40F1-A7D7-A93F0DBF1277914A0865-6DBF-48D4-9EDB-2CE8DAE804E25FED3196-6D2E-465E-A6D4-FA575A8F789283FF199E-489F-468F-B634-452052E4A223I picked this up for $120 recently.  I originally thought it was a Lobaugh 0-6-0, but has markings on it that I have never seen that makes me think some other manufacturer. Plus the gearbox is on the middle driver. The gearbox has been upgraded.  Noting the bridge rectifier,this has to be an AC MOTOR, not sure if that has any value.  Seems to work but noisy.  


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  • 5FED3196-6D2E-465E-A6D4-FA575A8F7892
  • 83FF199E-489F-468F-B634-452052E4A223
  • 914A0865-6DBF-48D4-9EDB-2CE8DAE804E2
  • 087A9EAC-AC2B-40F1-A7D7-A93F0DBF1277
  • 97C4E7AF-218E-4554-993D-F39FEC7D774E
  • BB5B9B93-FA4D-42B5-80ED-B49B6CC265D0
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