location of volume control on new two rail PS-3 MTH A-B-A F units?

Title says it all.  It's container with booklet is buried among a room full of train boxes.

The on line manual is 3 rail based and notes the attenuator  to be under the rear truck of the A unit.  Not seen.  Could not find 2 rail specific info. 

Thank You!

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Dave, I can't say this without sounding like I'm critical. I just hate reading some stories posted of jamming some other screws in there! I realize you used a tap, but why?

I use 2m x 8 metric screws and don't tap anything. I think once you get an assortment of them, you won't be shy at going to the metric screws first before the tap.

 I just converted an Atlas tank car from the old stock broken couplers to KDs. I used 2m x10 to allow for the shim.

I like to have metric stuff on hand when needed. I know many here, resist using and/or keeping the factory threads for some reason beyond me.

 Tom, I too wondered why MTH chose to put the tether system down there in plain sight? It is a hassle to connect. It is hidden on the MTH G scale stuff inside the door diaphragms.


look at page #9

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