Is there a way to "lock" a layer in SCARM and still keep objects on that layer visible?

If not, is there a way to lock an object (figure, track, etc.) on the current, active layer so that it is not accidentally selected or moved?  Thanks!

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No, that’s partially why I use colors and layers as much as I do. If you change tracks you don’t want to accidentally select, move, etc., to a different color, they won’t get selected unless you purposely click on them. I separate track by elevation (main, upper, middle, grade, etc.) and each gets a different color and in many cases different layers with meaningful names. Objects are a little more difficult, so I group them by category (buildings, bridges, bench work, mountains, etc.) and place them on different layers. That way, once they’re set, I can turn those layers on/off to avoid selecting them. Some objects cover the tracks, so you can change those tracks to a bridge using the Bridge tool and you’ll be able to see them. If you want an example, check out the SCARM file in OGUAGENUT’s new thread. Other than the ramps, he didn’t color the tracks like I would have, but he made extensive use of layers and his methodology works for him. 

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I was thinking of using the track colors to define electrical blocks when the design is more set.  Colors can have a lot of purposes.

Putting the tracks on multiple layers helps but does not completely stop accidentally moving stuff.  If you use lots of layers, at least it limits how much stuff is visible at one time.   It seems like at times I have changed other layers even when they are turned off.  Not sure how this happens.  Operator error.

When you use a lot of layers like I do, it can get confusing and I often goof up being sure about which is the "active layer".  The undo function helps too when you accidentally move something.


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