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I had my MTH UP 4-6-6-4 Challenger locomotive #30-1419-1 running on the test stand and the screws on both sides of the rear drive wheels on the front set came loose.  Any words of wisdom on the correct orientation for reconnecting these?  Has anyone used something like Loctite Threadlocker to keep these screws from coming loose?



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You don’t need thread locker here. It probably came loose because it was never tightened at the factory. As for reassembly I place the smaller diameter sleeve in first, followed by the larger diameter spacer, then the main rod. Install the eccentric so its pointing closest to the axle center. It will be off center one way or the other depending how anal the designers were. Did they make a left and a right eccentric or just make one or the other. Not a big deal, just don’t install it away from center. Finally the screw.


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