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@Billsrr posted:

I have a box of parts for a Locomotive workshop tank car. Does anyone out there have a set of instructions?

LWS was/is renown for its lack of helpful instructions; they rarely help and you were basically expected to be able to figure everything out on your own.  The instructions for the steam engine kit I built were only 4 pages long and directed you to build a drive system that was physically impossible to install.  I have found that LWS instructions are best placed and used inside the budgie cage.

Now, MWB's comment was funny! I think l have maybe one or two car kits from LS around here somewhere.  Would like to see posted photos of any of those kits actually completed.

Funny or not - true. I have built several LWS kits all of which had serious flaws and little positive to be stated about the instructions other than they might be better used perforated and put on the roll for future emergency use.  Even when LWS took over and produced the Athearn line of kits, the ones I got had metal roof sections that were crooked and exceedingly difficult to make use of to build the cars.  The MP54 kits, well, the 1st took nearly forever to build and the 2nd took years to try to build due to the mental scarring that the 1st caused.  The PRR H-1 was the engine I alluded to earlier; drive was physically impossible given dimensions and space; start over and put in a conventional motor and NWSL gearbox.  Every driver was shorted....take apart tires, clean rigorously, reassemble drivers and re-insulate.....Tender trucks were far, far too big.....

I'd post photos, but no, not here.

Oh, there's 2 kits there; did see that one on the Bay, thought about it a bit, and passed; have enough pain in my life already and not time to spare.

Mainly Lobaugh parts so finding instructions for a Lobaugh tank car might be helpful.

Missing 2 dome assemblies  for the longer car. Finding ones that match may prove challenging. Every so often you see them or you see the ones from USH.  Does look like you might have the parts to build the car otherwise. Get your soldering torch set up!

Center sill, walkways, and the cross walkway supports appear missing - have to hit the brass shapes display at your hobby shop

Missing a pair of platform castings.  Looks like a white metal casting for a chemical car for the shorter car.

Could be good fun here!!!   Lots of potential to dress these up into something very neat!

@Billsrr posted:

Looks like an easy afternoon's work.  Done before supper.

But seriously, folks - one wee suggestion: sometimes looking at photos of similar real tank cars (or any other) can help when confronted with bad or no instructions. It can help a bit. Tank cars are particularly daunting, as there is nowhere to hide your compromises and mistakes - except for the tank, they are all skeleton and no skin. 

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