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My motive power is all Long Island. I am modeling 1955, but as I started to build my collection, I "cast a wider net" as to what I would run. As for steam, I have:









VO 1000





RDC Budd car set

I would like to get a C-Liner, and an S-1, or S-2

i have a pretty good collection of various passenger cars, and a few MOW cars.





Of course the Maiden voyage will be steam . Either the 4-6-0, or the 2-8-0, or maybe both! I'm anxious to see all of them running. I also have a small collection of freight cars to move around between passengers runs. I wish I had more room to model the area on the layout known as "The Hole" more extensively. It had some interesting track work. I'll model what I think is the most interesting part. I recently ordered the MP-15 from Charlie at Nassau Hobby. Who knows, he might have some left. I was in Oyster Bay in the Spring, and was lucky enough to get a picture of one crossing the Mill Race Bridge. I'll attach it. Don't forget, the MU passenger set, and Rail Inspection Car from MTH are coming out in December. I always keep my fingers crossed for new Long Island motive power in the catalogues. I hope we all get a nice surprise for the Holidays!  







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  • DSC01274

Well getting the bright Idea to go back to college a few years ago and graduating at 32 I had to take down my layout I had at my fathers house. I still have a small 5x9 with 0-48 fastrack now. When I had my apartment in Rhode Island before I moved into a dorm I had an N scale layout. I am doing some work right now at my dads house in the garage. Attached is my original layout which was 4x12 never got to do scenery because I was out at sea alot during my 20s and will be most of my 30s as well. On it when this when I took these photos back in 2011 I have all NYC steam besides the K-4.


Mike Arnold 


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  • cruise 044: yea it was crude
  • cruise 045

My first cab ride was in G5s #34 from Floral Park to Oyster Bay.


The Long  Island bought several cabooses from the NYO&W, and Walter Matuch's RMT center cupola caboose is similar.


As for Long Island rolling stock, LITTLE and the RMLI each produce a commemorative piece yearly.  The Nassau Operating Engineers also produce Long Island cars.




Long Island Camelback [1)

N0. 19 4-6-0 westbound at the Oyster Bay Branch Junction in Mineola.



Freight Train In Long Island City



N0. 19 Returning To Oyster Bay


Little Submarine Car [4)


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  • Long Island Camelback (1)
  • P1010076
  • P1010077
  • Little Submarine Car (4)
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I did like the RMLI sub car and I have the boeing container on a flat somewhere. But I also want to get the Islander car NOLE came out with? But some stuff is to much toy like. I cant wait for a Spreader someday even if I have to make it myself out of the MTH one. See I do not like operating items or stuff like that when I build my layout it will be like a real layout maybe the only thing would be the lift bridge.


Mike Arnold 

I have three Rail King H Class 2-8-0 engines that will get Long Island livery and tender backup lights. Road Nos will be 108, 110 & 111.


I have also been collecting Rugged Rails 027 heavyweight passenger cars which have a 13.5" length which equates to a scale 54' length like the commuter P54 Coach. These cars will be re-lettered Long Island and sprayed Tuscan Red or the light gray color scheme of the early 1950s. The three axle trucks will eventually be swapped for 2-axle trucks.



P54s In Light Gray


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  • P54s In Light Gray

I've installed and painted Homasote in some additional areas of the layout. I've also installed the track in those areas. The track for the grade coming East out of Mineola is temporarily placed on blocks. I just wanted to get a rough idea of the grade, and it pretty much falls in line with what I expected (~2.7%). I'll build permanent supports soon. The track for the rest of the grade is a little less. I wanted to make the grade around the turn as small as possible, and then increase it where the tracks go straight again. I made some adjustments to the track plan as I go along. It's kind of like a 3D puzzle, and I've had to cut and re-cut, but that's OK. I wired the Staging Yard, and will test every engine I have backwards and forwards. This area has to be 100%, as I'm going to cover the entire space with the Oyster Bay Yard. I'll also be building a lift out section to support the tracks that span the Staging Yard to Mineola. I'm going slow because this is all new to me, and I want the best result possible. 















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  • DSC01499
  • DSC01500
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See what is rare in this hobby by that I mean o scale for people to model one railroad. Every time in open classic or o gauge which I love you see either Santa Fe  F7 running with a Texas special or New York Central, this is why I left o gauge. This layout will be awesome. Can't wait to see kier steam going around the line. See I need a big enough basement to have 3 o scale layouts one post war only with operating as even though I hate them. One Maine with Bangor & Aroostook/ on30 and one Long Island granted they will all be small. Can't forget my TT scale either one European and one American to dream.

Hey Greg,


I've set up the permanent structure for the grade East of Mineola, and I'm currently working on a drop down section between the staging and Mineola. I'm following the plan of Jim Barrett in his Backshop series, volume 11. I've wired all of my drops in the staging area. I'm waiting to hear back from Terry Christopher at Custom Signals. I think it's best if I wire the signals in now. I'm going to start building the Oyster Bay yard over the staging shortly. That should be interesting. I'll post some pictures when the drop down is complete. Thanks for your interest!



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