The building and interior details look great. You are very ambitious.


I added some fascia (the trim under the roof) to add some detail, make the building look more like the prototype, and hide a few sins . I'll give the whole building a black wash to blend everything a little more, and give the right level of grime.




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Hi Andy,

I just caught up with your build, and I am most impressed. It's always great to see a high rail layout so beautifully designed and realized. I love that it is so clean and spare. I know you have a lot of structures to add, but I hope you will preserve some of the openness- I think it really gives it a sense of space and distance. 

I especially like the simple light blue walls for the same reason. One's eye imagines the scenery extending on into infinity. Maybe that is why I've always enjoyed layouts in that stage where the track is laid but no scenery is done. Your eye fills in the rest.  It lets the engines and rolling stock be the stars of the show.

I have seen too many (99%?) modelers who make beautiful buildings and often pretty good 3D scenery and then paint the walls with foliage, mountains and clouds and the results are never up to the level of the built scenery- often glaringly so. Realistic painting is a different skill set and not as easy as it looks. Sometimes less is more.

Well, sorry, your beautiful layout inspired a little rant. I look forward to following your progress.


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