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Great post, never even heard what a interurban sounded like, i was pleasantly surprised that it sounded much like a R-1 type subway car with that humming growl i remember along with the air pumps below. I could almost smell the ionized air! for such long cars, they took some tight curves in the city, i was surprised at the overhang between the two cars and realized that if someone were stupid enough to get caught between two passing trains, they were going to get clocked! Thanks for the virtual ride! Gman.
TMack, Thanks for the video. 1961 is just a little before I moved to Los Angeles so I missed the tail end of a era.

I have often taken the Blue Line between Long Beach and downtown LA, and from the video wonder if the Blue Line is partially on the same right of way or very close to the old Red Line route, especially south of Washington Blvd and through Watts.

The Blue Line in Long Beach does run along Long Beach Blvd, same as the Red Line. I loved seeing familiar places in Long Beach as they appeared in 1961.

Interesting video.

But it's sad to note that the SP brought those cars down to LA and got rid of the faster cars which originally operated there, part of a move to discourage passengers with a slower ride.

Good to note that the Blue Line now operates on most of the same route from L.A. to Long Beach and carries thousands of passengers.


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