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Yep, ...I’d second what John says...I run a pair of Z4000’s currently.....if or when they croak, the ZW’s will be dusted off, and re-employed with TVS, and whatever modern circuit protection can be adapted......not going to be a lot of hope when the main electronics portions poop out.....I’m not on doomsday patrol, I just have back ups to deploy just in-case...😉


@Norton posted:

You want one made after 2002 or so. The first few years starting in 1998 had a different board which if it fails has no replacement.

Not sure when they started using the newer board, maybe earlier than 2002 but definitely avoid any from the 1990s.

There's no spares for any version of the board used in the Z-4000, at least that's what MTH tells me.

Duplicating such a board should not be too difficult.

50,000 comedians out of work, and you're trying to be funny!

You can't actually be serious, clearly you haven't looked at the Z-4000 main circuit board.  Let's say you actually get the board laid out and matching the stock board, what are you going to do for the code in the microprocessor controller?  You figure it's "not to difficult" to duplicate that as well?  And your qualifications for making these bold statements are?   My qualifications for refuting them are a very long career as an electrical engineer and having developed many microprocessor based products.

I suspect you should refer to the last line in my signature unless you think you have the skills to pull this off by yourself!

Nothing bets the old Lionel ZW's.  They power everything with no issues and they last, some are 75 years old.  There easy to service and parts are still available.

Just add circuit protection in the form of fast blowing fuses or TVS's.  And you can get them for under $200.00.  I have 6 on my layout and they all preform just fine.

Nothing wrong with the ZWL's ether.   

I'm not knocking the Z-4000's, there good devices, but with the company going out of business, lack of parts and support I would be reluctant to spend more then $100.00 for one. At that price you could still sell off parts and make your money back.

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