Looking for a friendly MTH HO wiring conversation!

Looking for a friendly MTH HO wiring conversation!


Layout in planning stage is 4ft by 24ft HO 2rail Atlas track and switches using MTH Locos, one TIU and 4 AIUs.  2 Power supplies (Variable Regulated Linear DC Power Supply GPR-1810HD 18V 10A) one for each TIU fixed channel, four DCCSpecialties PSX circuit breakers and two PAXARSC reversing loop controllers and two RRampMeters

 Newbie questions regarding new layout (1st)

  1. Is it possible/advisable to Split the TIU fixed outputs into two lines each, for a total of four power lines, giving a total of four wiring blocks with each wiring block serving about 8 to 10 track sections each having an average length of 8 - 12ft per power connection, separated by insulated connectors?
  2. Should PSX circuit breakers be placed between Power Supplies and TIU or placed between TIU and wiring blocks?
  3. Can I, in fact, use two separate Power Supplies, each feeding one of the fixed TIU channels? If the Power Supplies are set at the same DCVoltage and Amp values and are monitored by in-line RRampMeters, showing accurate DCVoltage and Amps, is there any potential issue to discourage this strategy?
  4. Willingly accept comments on attached dog-bone layout pdf file
  5. Would like to share a great drawing I received from Steve at Atlas. I could not comprehend the issue until I got this and want to thank him and, if it is OK, I would like to share it for use by others!!!


Power Supply:








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Atlas switch wiring to MTH AIU
Draft layout plan MTH HO 2 rail Atlas
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