Looking for a O72 Fastrack Reverse loop RR Track plan.

I'm planning a 14 X 26 U shapped around the wall layout.  The idea in my head is to construct a two track main with O84 and O72 Lionel Fastrack.  Does anyone have a O72 reverse loop plan using Fastrack?  I can't seem to make it fit.




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Your question needs to be more specific as to your needs.


On a typical reverse loop you run straight, then have curves to change direction 180 degrees.  After that you have to decide how much turning you want to do to close the diameter you've used to go the 180.


If you only want to turn one more sectino of O72, then your loop will be almost 20 feet long to re-connect with the starting turnout.


If you want the tightest by going 90 degrees more followed by 90 degrees back (counting the turnout's curve), your whole reverse loop will be about 9 feet long.


And then there are about 4 intermediate options.


The "tight" loop needs 5 of 10" straights, 1 of 5", and 2 of 1 3/8", plus the two required 1 3/8" for the turnout itself (and 15 of the O72 curves).  One of the 1 3/8" goes after the first curve off the straight (to match the required turnout peice).  You could connect up without that one piece as you have so many sections to spread out the "scrunch" without it.





Here is an RR track volume 4 version bitmap of a Lionel Fastrack 072 reverse loop. Each block in the photo is one foot. Click on the photo to get the true size its abit compressed as shown below. Just remeber your train has to fit the reverse loop & not to long or it will hit itself as it returns out of the loop. As noted this uses an 072 wye switch.  Hope this helps.




(3)     FasTrack 1.38 inch fitter         

(2)     FasTrack 4.5 in straight 12025         

(2)     FasTrack O72 11.25° curve 12055         

(16)    FasTrack O72 22.5° curve 12041         

(1)     FasTrack O72 wye switch 12047         

        Total of 24 items



072 Fastrack Reverse Loop



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