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Looking for an MTH 3.0 Pennsy 2-10-4  J1 or a 4-8-2 M1b which is the better puller?  

The 2-10-4 has a slightly higher drawbar rating so it would pull more all things being equal.  That being said, unless you are pulling 50+ car consists the difference is irrelevant on your model railroad.  I would go with whichever engine you prefer.  If you can't make up your mind, get both and double-head them! 



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If you're set on the on the 2-10-4 Texas (20-3459) give Al a call at Sidetrack Hobbies.  He'll give you a great deal if he has any left.  It's 3.0, five coal cars and a caboose.  It is a DAP set from 2011.  It has a huge tender with eight wheel trucks, minimum 72 inch  curves.  I might even consider selling mine.   It has very little run time.   E-mail in my profile. 

Allan Loczy posted:

Having both in premier, the 2-10-4 is a 2011 model and the 4-8-2 is a 2017 model. The 2-10-4 I have no issues with but the m1a seems to slip on the hill with about 20 cars. I still need to look into that. 

In the world of real steam locomotives (and models and even just plain physics), a locomotive with more drivers will have more adhesion ("traction", in automobile-speak) than one with fewer, all other things being equal. 

Those other things include (I am speaking of the models, here, not the real thing) weight, size of electric motor, gear ratio, driver size (that's part of the "gearing"), even electronic capacities.

Most big 3RO steamers within a brand are really pretty much the same machines under the skin and below the belt, I'd say. Why wouldn't they be, so far as is possible? So, a PS3 2-10-4 will probably pull a bit better than a PS3 4-8-2. More drivers and probably smaller ones, ergo, more grunt.

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