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A few years ago I bought a used Atlas O 1107-1 N&W GP35 TMCC Railsounds Locomotive at a local train show. The seller didn't have the manual with it and it looks like it probably never had a battery installed in it.  It has dual motors, electro-couplers and the Copyright date on the bottom says 2003; Made in China.

Can someone please point me to a an Owner's Manual that would be compatible with this Locomotive?

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I've only operated it so far conventionally and it's a great running unit, but would like to know more about it before I buy a battery for it and begin using it with a Legacy Cab 2 controller.

This would be the first locomotive I've had the opportunity of using with TMCC/Legacy. To be clear, I'm not asking about TMCC operation, as this is well documented.

Any help finding a comparable Owner's Manual for this Loco and Battery recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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More pictures are attached:


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@rplst8 posted:


Check your email.  I didn’t want the copyright police to get me here, so I sent you what another member sent me a while back.

Very much appreciated!  Thanks for paying it forward.

Steve, with live 18 volts on the track, you won't need a battery.

That makes sense.  Sound does drop out in conventional operation, but if using command, it should work as you suggest.  Thanks for the tip!

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