316E890A-8578-4A23-AE21-C96D4BA69246B2B2D921-6938-4F08-A357-03FEDB045E0FI think I am done moving track around and would like to start landscaping my yard tracks. I would like to see examples of what others have done. Suggestions most welcome. 


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Here's a pic of my FT yard from a year ago - just simple black cinder with an ice station, yard tower, yard lights, a couple tufts of grass and some trash and oil drum piles.

I'll take a few pics tonight of the transformation over the past year and post tomorrow. It's substantial.




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Joanne fleece as ground cover:

        IMG_0585 [1)


A closeup:



I like the effect but the stuff collects dust, to which I am allergic. I'm probably going to put down drywall [adhesive] tape and a layer of Sculptamold. Then paint.


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I have two yards... first, my freight yard (forgive the mess - a lot of work started in this area which I really need to get back to finishing):


Second is my engine yard just after I finished with the scenicing and before the engines moved in:



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Here is the FT yard a year later with more people and scenes. The biggest addition was the crane and workhouse, but I also added a station, passenger and loading platforms, two lighted engine sheds, junk yard, a couple of out-buildings, signage and trucks.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


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I am happy I stumbled upon this forum. I am also looking at ideas for my new layout with about 6-8 sidings using Fastrack. I am also looking for lots of new or used tracks to start saving for the new layout.

Richie C. I especially like that Number 3  in the bottom right hand corner...Other than my Dad, Dale was my only other hero.


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