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I am looking for help on a five car set of Welz Amfleet cars I recently acquired. If you look at the attached photos, the ends of each car are somewhat warped - they do not look the way they should. In doing some research I believe these were originally Williams cars that Mr. Welz custom painted - but I am not sure. Can anyone confirm this and possibly point me in the right direction as to where I might possibly find replacement ends? Thank you for any help!


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No! Weltz Amfleet was made by Elliot Weltz himself. There are too many distiguishing featchers between a Weltz Amfleet car and a Williams Amfleet car.

It is normal that some car ends are slightly warped and/or in your case could have been warped by the heat generated from the lighted interior. There are no known parts source other than to "Rob Peter to pay Paul" or find a junker and strip it of its usable parts. Its been like that since Elliot Weltz past away last Century.

Fwiw, you MIGHT be able to bash a Williams Amfleet end into the Weltz Amfleet end. I prrsonaly have NOT tried this.

Good luck.

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I purchased eight un-cut 20' Weltz metro-shell/amfleet extrusions back in the early nineties in the interest of building a four car Metroliner in two-rail. I corresponded with Mr Weltz then by mail to see if the car ends were available and he indicated they were  not, so my pIan then was to get a shorty doaner, remove the ends, fit (sand) correctly/tightly to my extrusion and then use them to create a resin mold with sylastic gel. That was almost 30 years ago. Still have the extrusions and intend to get their windows milled now that I have access to the proper machine tools. I anticipate I'll only get six usable cars out of them if I'm lucky though. The new GGD's that are supposed to be released this year make all this a less compelling project though.  

Weitz vs Benson Amfleet extrusions


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  • Welz vs Benson Amfleet extrusions

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