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My first TMCC loco was the one in that set. A friend lent me his command base, I tried command, and was hooked.

Mine has some of the best sound around - except for the single-chuff rate.

Also, it runs well enough, except it has a bad case of "bog and zoom", worse that any other Pullmor with which I am familiar. My Commodore Vanderbilt Pullmor and my 1-700E Pullmor will settle down into an acceptably steady-state speed once warmed up. Not cruise-control steady, but without the "bog-down on curves and fly on the straights" issue of the Warhorse. I have no grades, and use 072 curves.

The gear train is different, I know, but I don't know if it's my particular motor, or the Warhorse version generally.

The loco looks great.

I concur on the motor issue.

Mine was very rough running in spite of doing extensive engine maintenance.

I have heard over the years that other people also thought this locos motor was not one of the better production runs for this particular motor.

I suggest either buying another motor from a parts dealer (if they can certify it runs smoothly) or converting to a can motor.

The "loud sounds" people refer to are the actual motor grinding sounds, not the Railsounds.

The Railsounds are fantastic and per an old article in the Lion Roars, they were actually recorded from the J as it was pulling a train and the echoing whistle sound came from hills in Ohio (I think that was the location).

The Lionel sound engineers were on the real J making these recordings. You will enjoy them.

@Jeff2035 posted:

The "loud sounds" people refer to are the actual motor grinding sounds, not the Railsounds.

It was discussed back when this engine came out that the "grinding sounds" and such were deliberately put into the Railsounds of this J by Lionel. The engine was supposed to represent an old "Warhorse" engine (including factory weathering), a bit run down, and representing a J in its later years, well worn and no longer being used as a thoroughbred for passenger service, but now delegated to freight assignments.

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