I am looking to start a new layout featuring pre and post-war trains in a sort of high-rail fashion.  I recall a layout featured in either OGR or CTT that was created by an older gentlemen that combined somewhat realistic landscaping with a mix of realistic, weathered building along with some tinplate accessories.  I simply cannot remember his name (Carl or Lou come to mind as a first name) to get to either some pics on the internet or even the article.

I know this is sort of a difficult based on such little info, but any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks swede.  I hope so as I do not relish looking through 30 years of back issues.  I will check in the AM.  I have every issue except for the first one in binders.  Unfortunately, there is only one image that I could find using Google.  I'll have to look it up the old fashioned way.

His layout was featured in vol. 4 of TM’s “Magic of Lionel”. I seem to remember he ran all vintage stuff together with an occasional Pride Lines set. It was a great layout. I recall reading he was a designer for GM, and was a great fan of the Corvair.

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