Looking for Marx or K-line switchman's tower

Would like to know if anyone has either Marx or K line all original, unbroken, mechanically  functioning switchman's tower for sale. To my knowledge there have been lots of basket cases for sale on eBay, all with the same not tested as is condition etc. and occaisional  parts of the tower in various levels or disrepair. 

I am aware of one currently on eBay (untested) and missing its roof ( can't find an original roof anywhere).

btw: roofs are identical shape  only difference Marx roof is maroon colored. K line roof is green. 

At one time ( when the dinosaurs roamed) I Had both in working condition. Long since sold.

Enclosed photos: a Marx catalog model, an actual Marx model, and a later ( identical) K line model.

the only ones I have seen complete orig. and functional are auction examples of the Marx models.

maybe someone has one tucked away, dusty is ok too.  Operational mechanism would be great.

send a photo if you are interested in parting with one.

thank you kindly, Leroof

e mail:    tonalblissivity@gmail.com


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