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Dear all,

in one of the earlier issues of CTT, there was once an article about a larger British (outdoor?) clockwork layout and about the way the owner used to operate it with helpful young hands. How the layout was organized and leveled to support clockwork operation, etc.

There was also described a kind of wheelbase upgrade based on needle end axles and teflon bearings. This is actually for what I would looking for. I would highly appreciate if someone would remember this article and could email me a copy of it.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Sandor from Hungary/Germany

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Perhaps you recall a series of Garden Railways articles by Jack Ray on his "Crewchester" in 1988. He also wrote a book called A lifetime with '0' Gauge: Crewchester and others. Apparently, he utilized clockwork for some time before eschewing it in favor of electricity.

A bit of internet usage reveals that there also existed a man called Norman Eagles who built the clockwork "Sherwood Section" and ran on timetable and fast clock. There were several articles in Railway Modeller and in other publications.
Further research also reveals a man called Andrew "Drew" Donaldson who used advanced clockwork operations to model Irish 0 gauge. There were also articles on his work.

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I think it is quite a value as the issues can be downloaded as PDFs and I was able to recycle 60 years worth of magazines that were taking up quite a bit of storage space. 

It might be something to consider.  While I love paper, the digital subscription just makes sense just like my OGR subscription.

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